Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's get this SHOW on the road before it's too late for Retro Tuesday!

I had a weird day...not bad just weird. It all started around 6 am when I was getting dressed. I pulled on a pair of black tights and SURPRISE! They were low rise ??? I had a huge amount of muffin top action going on! This is going to look soooo wrong with the skirt!

I tried another one and there was a HUGE hole in the crotch, might be a propos for triple X movies but not for the insureance biz. Last pair I put on was PERFECT! Good let's get down to business and get to work. I took a gander at my outfit...black and white polka dot shirt (very cute), black skirt and NAVY TIGHTS! I should have given me an idea of the day!

now on to more urgent matters! Retro Tuesday! So today the subject is BUN WARMERS!

To be more precise my BUN WARMER! I am pleased to announce that all our buns shall be warmed from now on!

I like to do some fact finding before I post for Retro Tuesday, this time I found nothing on the Cornwall Corporation from Boston Mass, zilch,nada,sprouten,bouten.
It work, i plugged it in. It's brand new, come on look at that cord! Never been unrolled. The box says avocado, but with the flash...looks sage green.

Don't these people look happy and fulfilled? It's because their buns are toasty warm and crusty; because the lid is vented! I wish my lid was vented!
                                     How chic! Warm rolls and perfect lives...                        

Turns out you can use it for much more than warm buns! Ideal for baked potatoes, spaghetti, rice dishes, vegetables, stews,popcorn,french bread, rolls and muffins, toast,
fried chicken,chops and hamburgers. See? it's good for everything! No more soggy rolls!

If you have any info on this piece of pure joy (just looking at the box makes me smile!) please comment or write!

Happy Retro Tuesday everyone!

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Maureen said...

Chic and perfect rolls...all because of a bun warmer! Haha!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Nice bun warmer! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

De tout, de rien said...

Good ole avocado and harvest gold! Life was so simple back then.You only had two colours to pick from. You were either on team avocado or team harvest gold! I love that bun warmer thingie. So, so chic!

Jill said...

I remember my grandmother having one of these.....

KobysCache said...

We all need one of these!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

A giant hole in the crotch AND an electric bun warmer? This post was your dirtiest yet.

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

Haha @ Toronto Yardsaler! Our family needs a bun warmer for the holidays for sure. Need to keep my eye out for one of those!