Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't forget my CSN giveaway!

Still having a tough time on the 'I have a job now' adjustments!!! Besides the tights incident last week, the wardrobe thing is going great. I feel I need to inject more color into it. The office I work at is without color. Everyone dresses in grey and black, what up people?

Where is the color?
 Yesterday we stopped @ Maxi & Cie (Canada's Superstore) and I innocently said: Let's go check out the clothes....We both got super cute trench coats, sweaters and jeans. The damage? less than 100$ for everything! I really like Joe Fresh clothes, affordable and stylish!

We are so tired all the time, it's crazy! We have been putting off cleaning the house since I began work! That is crazy! There's soooooo much cat hair I could collect it and knit ugly stuff i could sell on Etsy and maybe I would be featured on Regretsy!

Did I ever mention I LOVE Regretsy? This is a laugh out loud web site. Who knew there was so many tacky,ugly and tasteless things on Etsy? And I learned a new word! Steampunk. Check it out!

I also wanted to share this restaurant sign I caught in Cornwall, Ont last week. Again just what is canadian cuisine? I'm baffled.

A reminder to enter my 45$ CSN giveaway, it ends on the 22nd. Click right HERE to enter!

  Good luck to all! My cats are not promising a hairball draw, but they are working on it! Hang in there! :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

So much adjusting going back to work! I've not heard of Regretsy...I will check it out.

De tout, de rien said...

You're too funny! Well, now that you work there, you will inject some colour in the place! No more drab!

Love Joe Fresh too, I need to lose a bit more weight to fit in their tiny stuff, but we shop there all the time for my daughters, they love it!

And don't worry about the cat fur, take the time to relax on the week-end, the fur ain't going anywhere.

I've heard of Regretsy, yeah, there's some pretty nasty looking stuff on there! Sure is good for a laugh or shaking your head, saying: "Can't believe they're selling that crap!"

Maureen said...

I would think that just your presence in the office adds a splash of color!