Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just around the corner!

Xmas of course! Even if I,m running out of time, I'm having the best December in a llllllloooooonnnnnggg time!

I feel happy, in the moment, full of joy and light! I feel really lucky for the love and riches in my life and I give thanks every chance I get.

I managed to finish the wreath for the front door. Didn't even think of taking a picture! Silly me! It's still a vintage tacky christmassy one, but I had to pull it all apart because the cedar had gone all yellow and I had to try different dollar stores for artificial Xmas tree garland. As you might know not all dollar stores are created equal!

I got some help from Yoda. She's such a sweetie!

No Xmas tree yet. We were supposed to get a real one but we decided to use the one we have in the basement that belongs to Dan's daughter....I hope it doesn't reek too much of smoke....

Can one Febreeze an artificail Xmas tree? Well see about that!

I planted the official flower of the holidays here....That's definitely a tradition I picked up from my dad. Paperwhites! I've been grownig them every Xmas for years and at one point Dan will say (I'm not making this up) It smells like pee in here! Where's that pee smell coming from? I swear it's pee!

Every year, without fail! And I have to say every time, it's the paperwhites dear. Really? I could've sworn it was pee!

Planting paperwhites.

Planted in Pyrex (of course)

Now an update on the paperwhites.....I needed to change them to another pot because the roots were like steel rods!

So we're seeing my dad on Xmas (it's been ages) and he just informed me there will be a Xmas tree! Yipppeeee!

Until next time.....Be good, and full of Xmas joy!


SixBalloons said...

So glad that you are full of Christmas cheer! Can you believe we are only one week away!?

De tout, de rien said...

Glad to see you're feeling the Christmas spirit!

Instead of Febreze on your tree, spray some of that fake pine smell, just a thought!

Love how your cute cat is just chillin' on the Christmas green. I was wearing a Santa hat yesterday while decorating the tree and the cat just kept staring at me like I looked really weird, lol!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!

(Making my tourtières tomorrow!)