Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really? Are you nuts?

Time flies that is a fact ! Let's just say that the Xmas baking is not really under way but I will be rocking and rolling over the weekend! I need to make gingerbread cookies, caramel corn, bake pfeffernusse and shortbread cookies.

I still don’t know what we'll be having on Xmas, it all depends on the flyers! I do smell a ham (bone in of course ) in my future. We will go and buy the tree bright and early on Saturday....I can’t wait to get it in the house and see the cats all a sniffin’ and checkin’.
 Today’s offering is another unbelievable video! This one is courtesy of my pal Tracy from Crazy Suburban Mom. It’s tastelessly priceless!

This is like Febreeze for the body. I don’t believe I’ve made my stance on Febreeze known here....It sure has its uses, no question about it...BUT if your bathroom rug smell WASH IT! If your duvet cover smells WASH IT! If you don’t have a washing machine, do yourself a favour and go to the Laundromat and wash the damn thing! Don’t tell me all of life’s stinky dilemmas are fixed with some Febreeze and air freshener! OPEN THE WINDOW once in a while!

True story: I have a greek boyfriend in the early 80’s and his parents never opened the windows in their apartment, I would suffocate every time I visited! His mother was really a bitch and would always tell hime (in front of me) Zjimmy (the letter Z conveys the accent) why don’t you marry a nice greek girl? Well needless to say I didn’t marry him. That relationship was a real eye opener! I realized that for them married life consisted of being tied to stove, servicing the husband every night at the same time , poping out kids and keeping the windows closed. The plastic covered furniture, lampshade and pillows was a real turn off too! 
Now just how important that the A spray is made in the U.S ? Really!

Sleep tight and don't forget to crack a window open!


De tout, de rien said...

OMG!!!! UN-believable! Yes, I agree, it's called WASH YOURSELF once in a while, and wash your duvet instead of spraying chemicals on it. Or, like your greek boyfriend, spray some Windex on it.

LOL, that was too funny! Especially the green smoke emanating! It seems so unreal though, it feels like it's right off Saturday Night Live it's so cheezy!

Thanks, I had a good laugh!!!

Tracy Reinhardt said...

LOLOLOL! you used it!