Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year round up and other tid-bits

Well 2011 was certainly an interesting year.

I had the big falling out with my mother's family in January. I decided I didn't want to waste energy on that battle and that I would never have contact with them, ever again and that suits me just fine.

I learned what I was worth and that is priceless.

We went to Maine in the big snow storm of February 2011. You can see pictures here 

I found a job in February. It had been rocky at times and I realized that when you're a temp you're not worth a lot. You're considered half a person. How crazy is that?

In the midst of all I actually made a friend and we share a lot of values that are not necesseraly those of the company we work for.

I didn't enjoy summer the way I normally did, maybe it was because I was not used to work yet. You do remember that I stayed 3 years at home, don't you?

The thrifting scene was let's say not so great. Dan will say that it's because I have all the Pyrex in the world, but we know it's not true! Once in a while I'll find a piece I was missing and shout with glee!

I still smile when I see this cutie!

We went back to the U.S in September and we got to discover Rye beach. I hope to go again in 2012, but that is another ball park :)

In October to celebrate our 21st anniversary we treated ourselves to a dinner at Joe Beef (one of the best restaurants in Montreal) We still talk about the food; which means this was totally worth it!

in November well my contract was nearing its expiration date....but my contract was renewed for 6 months, which was definitely better than nothing but still.....

We made purchases which are totally at the opposites ends of the technology spectrum, really!

A IPhone. It is loads of fun and now that we both have a telephone we will (I hope) avoid some commuting snaffus.
We did get a greeeeaaaaattt deal, on of the perks of working for the phone company!
Now here's the other end of the spectrum....

 A 1969 yelow Contempra phone for the living/dining room....These babies are scarce and pricey! I've seen some at 80$ plus shipping on Ebay....This baby was waiting for me and I won it for less than 30$ shipping included.
It needs a good cleaning but I should be getting around this tomorrow or Monday.

On December 16th I got a huge surprise! I got offered a permanent full time position with benefits! Merry Xmas to me! I still don't know what possessed my boss but I'm glad she changed her mind. I did work extra hard and upped my numbers and I decided not to be stressed anymore. I'm guessing it helped.

One thing that struck me in 2011 (this is really on the small scale of things) is that some retailers are making loads of money and laughing at us at the same time. I have 2 luxury stores near my office and I go from time to time just to window shop. You can tell that their regular customer base is rich people or wannabees, i'm neither.
Before Xmas I saw an 8oz jar of pickled veggies for 65$. That's sixty five dollars! I could get 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks, 1 t-shirt and a sweater for that price!

After Boxing day I saw an airplane cushion for 125$ instead of 250$, a really cute wool cap I wanted to buy until I saw the price tag....125$ instead of 250$

and last but not least....

These kids mittens are about 3 inches long and were 49$ instead of 65$.

to top it all off the sales clerks are snooty! This is a crazy world!

I don't think I would shop there if I suddenly became rich! I would probably give my 2 weeks notice, thrift until I drop, volunteer at a pet shelter maybe even start a shelter and go spend the summer in Maine with the cats!
On that note have a nice New Year's Eve, don't party too hard and I'll be there sometime tomorrow with my New Year wishes.



miss macri said...

I just found the mod decorator casserole - I must say it quickly rose to one of my favorite pieces in my collection! And yes, sometimes the thrifting is tricky when avid collectors!

Maureen said...

Congrats on the job! (I think? LOL!)

It's so hard to believe that a year has passed when you recount the things that have happened. Not all things were good as they were happening but things always seem to turn out for the best when all is said and done.

Here's to all good things in 2012! I hope to get back to blogging and keeping in touch better. Fingers are crossed!

Happy New Year!


P.S. Were you referring to Holt Renfrew?

SixBalloons said...

What a great year Miss V. So happy for you and all the good things that came your way. Thanks for sharing, and here's to a Happy 2012!

concretenprimroses said...

Happpy New Year!
I live in NH Rye beach is wonderful isn't it.
We haven't been to Montreal for a few years, but maybe we will check out Joe Beef for our 23rd in august.
It was interesting reading your year in review as I am soon going to look for a full time job with benefits and it was nice to see your perseverance and success.
ps great phone!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow what a year! I'm glad you got permanent employment with benefits..yay for you. I hate snooty shops and just won't pay those prices even if I could! Happy New Year and enjoy your day! hugs, Linda

Sharon said...

love both phones lol :)