Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best year ever! May all your dreams come true but mainely may you be healhty and happy.
May you realize that happiness lies in the most unexpected places and in everyday things.

Joy is coming home after a hard day's work, seeing little furry faces. Noticing a new bloom on a plant, clean flannel sheets, a warm meal, laughing with your sweetie, a drawer full of socks still warm from the dryer.

I know, I know I wrote that I was going to post yesterday but I was in couch potato mode BIG TIME!

I read, I ate, I watched tv, then Dexter....We need to watch season 4's last episode and Dan is a total wuss so your guess is as good as mine when we'll be watching it.

Today I cooked the turkey that was still frozen yesterday...I rubbed it all over with bacon grease, salt and pepper, it was delicious! We have plenty of leftovers and I'm thankfull for that.

I'm working tomorrow and I love to be prepared. Some cooked food in the fridg; I.E: cooked turkey, mushroom risotto and pumpkin soup. The wash is all done, my lunch is ready, my cereal is in a Tupperware with dried fruit, I have snack size baggies with pumpkin seeds, vitamins and jasmine tea bags. I just need to wake up, drink coffee and shower! SWEET!

We cleaned out the crap/tool/craft closet and it should be more organised....A work in progress!

The Danmeister is on vacation this week and I've heard promises of painting and door building.....We'll see lol!

I anted to participate in a 365 picture project, but I didn't take any today :(

Here's the one I took yesterday

I'm still trying to work out the Iphone pictures...but I'm not so crazy about them.

Dan thinks that I developped an unhealthy obsession with Anthony Bourdain...What can I say? I got 2 of his dvds for Xmas. We had a marathon on Travel channel and I can watch him on my Iphone for free when in the comfort of my own WIFI. Like I told Dan: I love traveling with that crazy guy with the dry wit and potty mouth.

I'm sure we could hang out all together if we would meet.

His episodes about Quebec and Montreal really cracked me up!

Well until next time.....

Thank you for all your good wishes! Hugs and kisses to all ;)     


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I wish you the best of everything in 2012! I need to make more of a commitment on the photography but haven't yet for sure. hugs, Linda

Tracy Reinhardt said...

You know I'm not good with iPhone pics either, a lot of people take great ones but not me. There are some very good free photo apps that make a world of difference though. Get a few and the pictures will improve, mine sure did


De tout, de rien said...

At least you HAVE an iPhone...Santa didn't put one under my tree...So I have been moaning about it since then, lol!

Kidding aside, you're right about finding happiness in the little things in life...I get such a comfort feeling too when I come home and see my furry children (okay, as well as my teenagers...), having a nice meal ready, watching a favourite tv show, etc.