Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thriftin' and Bitchin'

First the bitchin'!

Well imagine my surprise when I received a collection letter from HBC last week. HBC is the oldest store in Canada. I was so sure I'd paid my bill in time. I don't get collection notices very often so it gets me flustered every single time!

So I logged in my bank's web site to check this out and yes it turns out I'd forgotten to pay them (!"/$%?&*)

Then I read the letter again, turns out I forgot to pay 5$; only five dollars, FIVE BUCKS AND THEY HAVE THE GALL TO SEND ME A COLLECTION LETTER????? And to think I've been a customer of theirs for ever!

Heck it costs more to print and send the letter! I'm gonna give them  a pievce of my mind! (I was going to call them today but I didn't the 16 digits of my credit card.....)

Yesterday I got a plaque with my name on it at the office! I was speechless and a little teary....But nobody saw...

Now for the thrifting!

At Renaissance (the only thrift shop I have regular access) the pickings are usually slim, the staff is different (I suspect they hire quote special people unquote, know what I mean?) and the customers are REALLY obnoxious, horrible, stinky, lost, desperate. This is Verdun afterall. Even with some gentrification Verdun is still sometimes sad, dirty and there's a lot of people with mental illness living there because a big mental hospital nearby.

But last week my heart stopped, then went pitter pater, beding bedang and I had to grab at a shelf to steady my self....


Vintage snail dishes from the 60's by Le Creuset!
I got 4; 2 orange 2 jade green.

Here Yoda is checking out the interior.

I believe they have never been used, SWEET!

So no Pyrex but Le Creuset is delicious too.

If I have a burglar in my house I can get rid of him with a quick flick of the wrist and one of these dishes! They weigh a ton!

Well that is it for little old me, i'm  off to dream land

Sweet dreams my friends :) 


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Gosh, HBC must be hurting to send out a collections notice for that much. A bit ridiculous.

De tout, de rien said...

Those are great!! Coming right over for escargots à la provençale, lol!

HBC should watch its back, with Tarjay coming to Canada...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Everything is automated now days, no real people involved...HBC needs to get a clue! Love the Thrift Store find...wonderful!! How sweet to get a plaque with your name on it. AWWW
Hugs, Linda

kimybeee said...

thought of you this week - got some new candles and i put one of them in the pyrex coffee cup i won in your giveaway!!!! i think of you everyday when i light my candle lol thanks!!