Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I left behind

Thank you all for visiting!  It warmed the cockles of my heart to read all your comments.

I think what Dan hates about the Goodwill is the smell of poverty: Not that clean, not spring fresh, with a lingering scent of grease and tobacco. What can I say? I'll brave pretty much everything for the lure of Pyrex and a good deal! LOL

If I'd win the lottery (6/49 for my canadians friends or the SuperBall for my american friends) I would not quit thrifting, naynay, no siree bob! I would buy a mini van and thrift FULL TIME!

And let's face it Dan loves a good deal too. We were in an antique mall in Brockville when I heard the sweet music of thrifting love and I heard: Just how much do they sell a new roof shovel for? This one is 20$. Next thing I knew the guy pocketed 15$ and the shovel was in the car with all its extentions.

Yep just like that In case you're wondering retail it's 50$ plus tax.

Ok now for the Pyrex that didn't make the cut!

Not my favorite pattern!

I got a casserole in Maine and that was enough.
Besides this was not in very good condition!

24$ each, I rest my case!

I'd like to introduce a new friend, not yet an official pet. We call him Piccolo Nero and he just hangs around the house and looks famished. Dam draged him inside yesterdat 'coz he was covered with freezing rain. We dried him off, fed him and he played and napped, finally he went back outside only when he passed Dan's dry test.

Well that's all folks! Have a great night and a sweet Monday :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I agree with the Pyrex left behind! I'm glad Dan likes to find bargains also. If I was rich I would still thrift!! Love your new furry friend! hugs, Linda

Maureen said...

Poor enough to live in your neighborhood though.

De tout, de rien said...

Good deal on the shovel!

Aaaw, that cat looks sweet! He looks like mine. Hope he comes back to stay!

SixBalloons said...

Did you know, this West Coast reader of yours has never even seen or heard of a roof shovel before??

Elma said...

The cat is so cute!!!

Lynn said...

I tell my husband that that special thrift store smell is the smell of OPPORTUNITY!

No, he doesn't believe it either.

Shoes15 said...

That brown mushroom pattern still gives me the willies. My mother had a set of that, plus had some accent tiles of brown mushrooms on the kitchen walls and hand-painted some mushroom canisters too. Eek.

Shoes15 said...

That brown mushroom pattern gives me the willies, still. My mother had it. And she put up some mushroom tiles on the kitchen walls.And she hand-painted some mushroom canisters in a ceramics class... eek