Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow and more snow

About the roof shovel.....Some of you didn't know it existed. Don't worry! I learned of its existence about 10 years ago.

In 1998 we had this HUMONGOUS ice storm that even touched Ontario and some northern states. It was brutal. It rained ice for a week, we lost power for days and in some cases weeks. I think the record was 32 days on the south shore of Montreal.

Trees broke and fell all over, we had to run from our house (we have no fireplace or generator), a lot of nasty people took the opportunity to steal.

Anyways a lot of roofs met their Waterloo because of the ice storm. So when ; in fall; we had to replace our roof, we had trouble  to find a roofing company....The one we found screwed us up....

We only found out about it 5 and a half years later. We couldn't sue them anymore and the company didn't exist anymore!

A sunday (5 years 1/2 later) we had a real heavy and wet snowfall. When we returned from our errands....it was raining in our kitchen! Not drops, gushing water! 

The roofing company didn't remove the old damaged shingles, but merely applied new shingles on top of the old ones! How charming.

To prevent more damage every time we had a big snowfall; one of us would get tied with a rope and we would shovel the roof.....

It took a couple of years to gather the funds  for a new roof....but we now have one. We don't go on the roof anymore, we would borrow the neighbor's roof shovel....But NOT ANYMORE!

We now have Dan's super thrifty roof shovel!

Right now we're having some freezing rain.....so I'm betting we'll use that shovel pretty soon!

Here's a picture of Yoda just hanging out over the weekend

 Is that cute or what?

Have a great evening!

Sweet dreams.

I will dream of kitties, Pyrex and blowmolds :)


Mick said...

Stay warm up there!

De tout, de rien said...

Hopefully this time your roof holds up!

Aaaaw look at that kitty! Mine lies on her back too like that. A sure sign of a relaxed kitty!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What awful people to take advantage of you like that. Glad you have a good roof now! Stay warm and enjoy a snuggle with your kitty@@ hugs, Linda

France Guérin said...

Hope you slept ok last night with the wind outside! I do recall the Ice storm. My older son was only 1 month old....try to get the bottle of milk warm up. Moving from one house to another. Those shovel are very handy to have. Stay warm tonight...it is going to be soooo cold!

Eugene said...

Hey! I hope you stayed warm up there. That was an awful thing, what that company did to you. Melting snow can be a real pain. Once the snow accumulates on the roof surface, moisture may infiltrate the interior and exterior surfaces, causing condensation, which can lead to rotting wood, molds and mildew. There are some roofing contractors that offer 24/7 roof repair services, including those for snow damage. More of these establishments should be put up to cater to a wider scope of consumers.

Eugene Head