Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yikes! Already 7 days!

Yes it's already 7 days since I blogged!  I found a couple of things in thrifty land, but I have no pictures as the sun sets real early.

Thank god for little joys and now the days are a bit longer. I have no Pyrex news.

I've been testing the camera in my IPhone and I must admit I'm having better results. Here's the latest batch of pictures...

The All Purpose label totally makes me laugh. All Purpose for what?
The color is not appetizing....

 Luncheon meat

Meat of what? That is scary....Canned meat and China; you do the math!

A selection of mystery meats....

What were they thinking???? Those are particuliar looking S &P shakers!

Who designed those? Who bought them? They seem to belong in a night table drawer!

You know which ones! I know you've been around the block a couple of times....

This is the other stray that comes for a meal, a bath and a place to crash.

He's real cute and not shy!

Dan wants to call him Bambino. Well I think it's a bit early to find him a name...

We need to take our time and we've already established than our hearts are big, but the wallets not
so much, and caring for pets needs $$$

I don't want to be featured in Hoarders with a house full of Pyrex (true), walls made of newspaper (not true), crap all over the floor (not all over sometimes a kitty has a little accident that is always dealt with swiftly), trash all over (false),expired food since 1976 in the fridge (I can't believe people do that) , bugs everywhere (EEEEEEWWWWW!!!) and worst of all DEAD CATS DRIED UP UNDER THE FURNITURE!

I can't believe they don't smell the putrid stench of decaying corpses under their sofa. And if hey love the cats howcome they don't notice the cats are missing? Just how strong is their meds?

I know they are sick and it's not funny but if you have pets you have to be responsable people!

Having a big heart is great and wanting to save strays is amazing but you definitely need $$$ to do that.

The line is always thin and it's the same as losing weight....you must always be on the edge and not turn your back on it.

If only I could apply this on the weight thing! At least  I do on the trash and money matters!

Well that is pretty much it! LOL! I've said my peace for tonite

Have a great evening and please throw away or donate something that you don't need anymore!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those 'phallic' s&p's are a hoot. I think when mushrooms were really popular some people had a joke on us mentality. ANYWAY....love your little Bambino and no hoarders episodes featuring you OK???

P. said...

You crack me up! I was giggling all the way along, but when I got to those S&P shakers, I laughed out loud.

De tout, de rien said...

OMG, where on earth do YOU shop, lol!!! Looks appetizing. NOT!

Oh, little Bambino is so sweet. Hope he finds a warm home soon.