Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Soon?

Yep I'm back so soon after the last post. Sometimes I read my posts only the day after and they crack me up. I'm behind the Hoarders bit 100%.

Let's face it we are all a heartbeat away from mental illness. Yes we are. It might be genetic, stress related or situational. It's lurking.

My mother had it BIG TIME and never did anything about it (except LOADS of  twist off wine). My dad had bout of it and dealt with it accordingly. When it was my turn I seeked professionnal help. And it did the trick.

Some of us might have to be medicated all their lives ( a biggie to accept) to just lead kinda normal lives. When I say normal lives, I mean being at ease with oneself and being able to interact with others normally.

That being said we all have our quirks and should cherish them but if you feel life is heavy do yourself a favor and seek help.

Ok on the lighter side of things!

I was looking for some pictures for the blog and this is what I came up with:

 This is my dessert table on Xmas eve complete with ice molds, Pyrex and vintage tablecloth.

 Baklavah, caramel corn, ginger bread cookies, cherry sandies, pfeffernusse

So on this sweet and scrumptious note have a delicious night!

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De tout, de rien said...

Great post, from mental illness to pfeffernusse, lol!!

Yes, I agree, there are a lot of undiagnosed mental illnesses out there. Unfortunately, a lot of these people refuse help and think everything is fine with them. (Ahem, a few people I know...) Kudos to those who recognize the problem and deal with it.

I love your vintage Christmas tablecloth!