Friday, February 3, 2012

This is funny (embarrassing/stupid/hilarious)

As my regular readers might remember, I enjoy country line dancing and I have a class every Thursday night. We arrive early and eat our lunch in the cafeteria. After a leisurely supper and a game of majong on the Igadgets, I decided to change pants because I can’t dance in work pants, I find them too dorky and constrictive. Dan is on guard to make sure nobody walks in and let’s face it it takes about 2 minutes.

I always feel better in my jeans, they’re old and soft! When I finally get home tired, achy and sweaty I always unpack my bag....And that is when it hit me! I forgot my pants in the cafeteria! OMG how pea brained of me!

This morning I gathered all the courage I could and I called the hall where I left my pants and this bitchy receptionist told me they don’t keep anything, they don’t a lost and found, it’s not their policy yaddayaddayadda (yes I know this is annoying!). I finally hang up heartbroken , I need to buy new pants. That is a super BUMMER! I don’t know what I will be able to squeeze 40$ from.

Dan (ever the optimist) says I will find them next week. I hope so

Anyways every time I think of this I crack up, it is funny!  

This week we had topsy turvy weather. Rain, snow,freezing rain all in one day. Some say it's the year of the un-winter because it's really mild and we don't have much snow for Québec. Me i'm against rain in winter, I need snow!
I must admir that frosted branches are real pretty!

Well that's it for me tonight....

Do you know where you're pants are???? LOL


kimybeee said...

did you know that mtv has a tv show called "i just want my pants back" lol lol lol

Mom Walds Place said...

Remember to keep your sense of humor if you find them in an odd spot. Someone might put them in a pan on the stove - hot pants!

De tout, de rien said...

Please keep us posted on this intriguing saga, lol! We must find out the dénouement!