Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess What?

Miracles do happen; some on a really, really small scale, You want proof? I'll give you proof!

2 weeks to the day I go back to the cafeteria where I lost my pants (yes I know this is funny and ridiculous; my friends still make fun of me) and lo and behold they are still on the shelf under the microwave!

Shows that people are honest? Or just don't care? Or the pants are ugly or worse FUGLY (fucking ugly)?

Anyways I'm really glad I found them and yes Dan was right; I basically bought the same pants...same color....same fit but the old ones had pockets in the back and the new ones have pockets in the front!

What can I say I love dark grey.

Now this is for my friend Tracy:

These dishes came in Flamingo,dove Grey, Lime and Turquoise. You could get those same colors with a gold band. If I find some more, I'll keep you in mind for sure.

About the pudding....well this is not my recipe, I've never made pudding from scratch. Jell-O pudding is one of the rare processed foods I buy. I like it because it's fast,thrifty, fat free and sugar free!

Ansd since Dan had some dental work done it was the perfect dessert for a quick snack. On top a dollop of Cool Whip ( Dan loves the stuff)

Well it's past my bedtime, so I must skeddadle! I hope to blog some more over the weekend.

Be well my friends :)  

1 comment:

De tout, de rien said...

I'm sure your pants are not fugly, I'd rather think that people are honest. (Well, if it was a gold watch, it might not still have been there.) And you can never have too many pairs of grey pants!

Those dishes are lovely!