Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow and thrifty goodness

This has been the year of the non-winter. The temperature has been mild and we've had more rain than snow. That is tragic for Québec!
 We've had yesterday our first serious snow fall since I don't know when.....

It all fell very fast and in the space of 90 minutes we had 6 inches on the ground!
Thank god for the train.....

This morning we had a surprise thrifting stop....
I love those, don't you?

Here's some pics of things of interest and others....well you'll decide for yourself!

Are those adorable or what? I think they're salt cellars because of their size. Any ideas?

A cool 70's coffee set.

An imitation of our dining room chairs; cheap imitation mind you but I found it cool that it was a model popular enough to copy.

The wood floor lamp is how shall i put it hilarious! If I ever get a cabin in the woods it will probably be decorated in that oh so tacky style!

There was even a table lamp, YUM!

On the far left was a lamp that I really liked and Dan too, but just how many lamps do we need! We're running out of outlets!

Now let's be serious for a minute and see what we bought, not a lot.....

Some bamboo Florida souvenir coasters still in the original wrapper, 2 unused silicone spatulas (they were there last time I went and I regretted not getting them) and 2 glass furniture coasters; one is Hazel Atlas and the other one Diamond glass from Canada. We've tried the new ones in plastic and they leave dents in our floor but the glass ones don't.

I got the bamboo coasters because they're vintage, tacky, funny and we will use them
in the living room for the coffee table, it's wood and marks easily...  

Well that's it for today; I'm off to the living room for some good old fashion couch potatoing!



Tracy Reinhardt said...

I think that lamp is the small one I have, its fab :) The one I just got today with the shade is like 4 feet tall.. no kidding. Ive got to get a pic of them together

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Funny lamps for sure! I love the tacky much fun! hugs, Linda

seenonflickr said...

I love those green and turquoise dishes - so awesome!! If I lived in Montreal I would be begging you for a location in order to go buy them myself!!