Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wreath? Check! Snow ? Check!

Well this is it folks! The pinacle of the season, Xmas! I'm short on sleep, but my spirit is soaring!

I redid the wreath

And I'm happy to report, it is still tackylicious!

I've heard that a lot of Quebecers have been praying for a white Xmas and our prayers have been answered!

The blownolds looks so much better with a bit of snow!

The penguins are a bit crooked...but who cares!

This is the little guy I found in a church basement for a dollar.

All the cookies are baked, the presents wrapped, the kitties asleep....

Oops lack of focus....the tree is finished

Let the feast begin!

May you all have a beautiful Christmas with all your loved ones!

I gotta go the roast is ready and I have a cosmo waiting for me! 


SixBalloons said...

Merry Christmas to you Miss V!!!

De tout, de rien said...
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De tout, de rien said...

See, you got it all done!

Love your decor!! The penguins especially.

I hope you have a really wonderful Christmas.

Joyeux Noël!

France Guérin said...

Joyeux Noël! Enjoy and take some rest!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm having a great Christmas and enjoying a glass of bubbly! Merry Christmas. hugs, Linda

Zootsuitmama said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a won!nderful holiday seaso

Jill said...

Love the penguins, actually I love all your blow molds! Have a wonderful holiday!