Sunday, May 13, 2012

So Soon?

This has been one of those really weird weekends...on the space time continuum.

It felt like I was on vacation not like a weekend.

Yesterday I ran all over the house to clean it up while Dan was at the barber. After I was off to an afternoon of pampering with my step daughter Veronica in downtown Montreal.

Now this spa afternoon was a Xmas gift from Dan. I called in january to book the appointment and was only able to get yesterday.

We both got a massage, a pedicure and a facial! It was heavenly!

Massages were a regular part of my mental health routine before I lost my job in 2008; so it's been 4 years since my last massage; I'm already plotting for my next appointment.....

So I've been out of focus ever since. There was even a time when my bifocal glasses didn't work anymore!

So when came back home for a supper of filet mignon,Quebec asparagus,king mushrooms and baby potatoes.

The king mushrooms were delicious. I cut them in half and marinated them in EVOO and thyme
from the garden; then a quick trip on the grill.

Here's a close up of the mushroom deliciousness!

Meaty and satisfying.

We learned that for mother's day there's always a sale on filet mignon and on father's day a sale
on rib steak!
I'll jot in down on my calendar! 

I had an amazing run at the Sally Ann on friday night....Stay tuned for a thrifty post!

I can't believe I have to work tomorrow!

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