Friday, May 18, 2012


Sometimes it seems you blink and a whole week has passed you by.....You wake up monday morning and next thing you know it's friday night!

Thank god for the long weekend here in Canada (It will give us time to catch up on some zzzzzzzssss and chores)

As I was writing last week....I have a deep urge, a need,a longing, a yearning for some really satisfying thrifting.

You know the high, the rush of adrenaline....

So I told Dan that I needed a trip to the Salvation Army!

And boy was it ever good and satisfying!

Yeah, yeah I've bitched and moaned about divided dish before....but I've been in a major Pyrex dryspell and what do you know they don't stack well but are pretty handy!

Minty fresh Corex! Corex was made by Corning in Leaside, Ontario; in  the very same plant Pyrex was made. I found the sugar bowl in the first aisle and the creamer in the last one.
I was jumping with glee! They will go in the shop shortly .

Now I also found a groovy glass ice bucket and a Coca-Cola 1976 Olympic tray but I was too scatter brained to take pictures!

Now tomorrow I have HUGE expectations because on Ile Perrot (the island I live on) is the first of three weekends of island wide garage sales and the weather is supposed to be cooperating.

I'm looking for owls, Pyrex, Le Creuset and assorted funky vintage goodies! 



SixBalloons said...

That sounds sooooo fun. I wish we had a city wide garage sale!

De tout, de rien said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

There was a lot of garage sales on my street this a.m., but mostly junk, baby stuff and one place that had wonderful stuff, but pricier than the antique mall. WTH?? It's a garage sale, folks!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wishing you lots of junking luck! I do think that Sugar & Creamer is adorable! Love Love it! Hugs, LInda

Jill said...

I bet you're really looking forward to next weekend, sounds like a lot of fun!!

I have a few of the Corex cups, nice, aren't they?? Love that lily of the valley....