Sunday, May 20, 2012


WARNING this post is picture heavy!

Yesterday we were out the door at 8:30 am full of caffeine, wondering what the day had in store for us...

First stop is about 5 minutes from my house and we buy stuff there every year. We scored 2 vintage folding lawn chairs. The fram is in excellent condition but I might have to redo the seat.

I know you can buy the stuff on line so this will be a fun adventure!

Next I got 2 brand new never used Pyrex baking dishes with the plastic covers

I got the 4 milkglass tumblers at a church sale.
We got 3 archies, a cutter and a shovel (not pictured) for 6$.

I also got a lime green bamboo mat 2 ft X 3ft for one dollar (new still in the bag)

Now this is where it gets interesting!
 We drove and drove and a lot of neighborhood didn,t even have a table out so we decided to go back home....

And we see a lonely pink sign...

And then I FREAK OUT!

This couple had about 8 tables FULL OF BARWARE, GLASSWARE, PYREX AND FIREKING!

You should've seen this girl running around trying to take everything in!

Want some more???

Man oh man so much excitement!

We made a run spent 14$ and went back home.
After 10 minutes at home we looked at each other and got back in the car and went back!

The couple was laughing ans so were we.

We spent another 16$. Their prices were crazy low. Turns out they had bought lots at auctions and now the husband wanted his garage back!
I actually thanked him for wanting his garage back!

Here's what we got!

3 boozy guys for Dan

Never ever used Fireking cereal bowls
with the original price tag still on (5 for 1.44 $)

Dan fell hard for these Indiana glass Black Diamond Point glasses.

Xmas goodies!
On the left a vintage corsage (I will wear it at Xmas time),
and a dozen foil light reflectors, on the right some foil wreath with dangling bells.

Lotsa mugs

A 502 Verde with lid (2$) a Pyrex made in Canada dry measuring cup.
A cute jar from Avon and a delphite lid.
Now the guy was sorry he only had the lid, I said what a coincidence! I have the bottom!

Well folks that's it for today because I still need to take more pictures from the stuff we bought.
And I gotta get ready I have a christening this afternoon!

Be well and keep thrifting! 



Cheapchick said...

Wow, unbelievable sale! Great great finds

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow oh Wow! I would have been in heaven at that last sale! I want so much I saw in your photos! Great prices! Glad you went back for a 2nd time! Hugs, Linda

Mick said...

What a GREAT haul! I really love the whiskey decanters!

Jill said...

Good thing you stopped!!

That's a lot of great stuff!!

Maureen said...

Good hunting! Weren't those red fridgies what you have been looking for?

Dixie said...

Aww man. I'm jealous.

SixBalloons said...

Omg. Drooling over here. I have the same delphite lidless fridgie and the same measuring cup. I love it and use it all the time.

France Guérin said...

I can see that you had just as much fun then me! But this one it is like a gift received at x-mas!!

Genevieve said...

Those cereal bowls!!

I am greener than the Hulk! Great finds!!! :)

SixBalloons said...

also i would have bought all those fridgies!! Are you keeping the measuring cup or selling?

Vonlipi said...

Six Balloons: The measuring cup has a chip in it, you see it but you don't feel it.

I'll be keeping it as it is the first one I see like that.

I'll keep you in my if I find another one. :)

De tout, de rien said...

What a haul! I'm surprised you didn't buy all the Pyrex! And yes, if you see a lone lid, you have to buy it, because people are always looking for lids.

The Joyful Thrifter said...

wow wow wow and wow!!! Such awesome finds!!!

The Joyful Thrifter