Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bacontastic lattice of goodness

Sunday, after watching 2 back to back episodes of Feed the Beast I was inspired to try something new.

I decide to wrap a deboned turkey breast in a latttice of sweet bacon and grill it.

                                Ok the bacon lattice is not perfect....lol

                                I placed the turkey breast on top with some Pixie Dust and Chick Magnet

                                 Wrapped everything up and tied it with bucher's twine (you don't want stuff to    fall away)
                                            Here's the finished product! Delicious!

                                            Now about the Pixie Dust and the Chick Magnet, these rubs are made in Maine by Denny Mikes . When ever I go, I make sure to stock up and so should you!

Well gotta go the morning comes fast....Sleep tight!

1 comment:

Cheapchick said...

We wrap bacon around strips of skinless boneless chicken breast and BBQ them - yummo. As for your last post my jaw dropped when I saw that Style at Home Magazine yesterday at the Grocery store - really? September? They have lost their marbles.