Sunday, October 27, 2013


Don't you love Sunday?


I get to visit with Joel Olsteen, veg out, hang out with the cats, cook and watch movies on TV.

Today I I tried a new breakfast recipe...for Canadian Farmhouse Eggs

                                             It was a delicious mix of egg, potato, ham salsa and chili sauce

                                             Here's the link HERE
                                             Now of course I changed the the recipe: I used ham instead of canadian bacon, I mixed salsa with chili sauce (because I was certain the recipe called for salsa) and one egg per casserole instead of 2. It was delicious!

 Now from the thrift store....Can you believe this Tupperware container without a lid.....
                                                    For this price????

                Ok last but not least....
                                                    This is a seen around picture
This poor chap didn't have a chance!
Now i've been thinking and talking about Halloween lately....
I remember when I was a kid, you just had to have a carved pumpkin with a candle and you
were in business.
My mom would hand out: Peanuts in the shell,molasses taffy, bubble gum, rockets and lollipops.
Individual chocolate bars were virtually unheard of....You had to go in the really rich neighborhoods to get these....
Today I read that in North America we spend 6.1 BILLIONS in Halloween candy!
Isn't that crazy???
And kids are going hungry
Go figure
It makes me sad 


Jill said...

How can Halloween even be the same for children now, they have treats all the time, back then we so looked forward to all those treats. I remember going to certain houses for the fudge, and you're right, bars were a luxury item!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Halloween was so special because the candy was such a treat...It is the same for my Grandson as he does not get much in the way of candy at all. I am making him a treat bucket of raisin boxes, goldfish box and some candy but not much!

The breakfast looks so good! I love dishes like that.