Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quite a week

Thank you to all who sent us condolences.

For us loosing a cat is just as bad as loosing a family member. I know it sounds crazy to some but it is the way it is.

I am so grateful that we were on vacation while we were going throught all those emotions.

And people at my work wouldn't understand. People who don't have pets and don't like pets just don't know.

At my work place if you don't have kids you're weird, and if you don't go to church every Sunday you might as well be Satan.

We decided that since Pinotte (Peanut) love dthe yard and flowers so much we would dig a hole and bury her in the yard.

It was probably the grief thinking on our behalf....It took us most of the week to dig the hole because the ground is full of rocks and clay.

Finally we put Pinotte in the ground yesterday and we have been able to resume life slowly.

                                   Waves crashing in OOB

                                Sun setting on highway 30 on our way back from OOB

                   Be well

                   and sleep tight. Take the opportunity to hug your spouse/kids/pets


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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I have kids but I also have my furry kids and I know how hard it is to loose them. I'm hugging everyone today!