Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pictures from Maine

                                          So today I tought I would show you some pictures
                                           of our long weekend in Maine
                                          First picture is from a really sad yard sale. Everything was stale
                                          and cigarette stinky. The boxes were a real mish mash of unrelated stuff:
                                          dishes and allen keys and sparkplugs.

                                You know how I am a Pumpkin pie spice everything fan so I tried it and it did not
                                 taste like pumpkin anything. It was nice but no cigar.
                               Awesome Que from Famous Dave in Scarborough, Maine
                                It was truly delicious and as close to real Que as will have for quite a while.

                               Autumn Harvest 443 Cinderella bowl seen in our motel room.

                                 Footsteps on the beach

And last but not least....
This amazing Pyrex bowl Federal Eagle
I left it there because it was too expensive!
So have a nice evening and a nice night!
Be well my friends and see you soon :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh footsteps on the beach...I need to do that soon!

Cheapchick said...

I have never seen a Federal Bowl like that - just out of curiosity how much was it?

Vonlipi said...

If my memory serves me right it was $24.98.

I bought one as a gift in 1998 for $5.00.

BIG difference! :)