Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cold medicine

Now if you're still in the midst of cold I am....

You might need these 2 go to recipes to help you go through a cold.

1st one: Onion Juice.

Now we call it onion juice but it is more onion broth. You take 2 onions, cut them in half and place them in a medium casserole, cover them with water , bring to a boil and simmer gently about 30 min.

Now I don't even bother to put this in the fridge. The onion halves will continue to steep in it and in a maximun of 2 days you will have drunk it all. It is great if you feel you have chest or sinus congestion. It will clean you out too.

Now for the second one: Onion and garlic syrup

                                         You take a Mason jar and you fill it with chopped onion and garlic. I took a 2 cups (500ml ) jar for this. After you drizzle honey in it; it will take at least one cup to have everything covered. Let it steep on the counter overnight. In the morning, strain and keep in a jar in the fridge. You need to take one to two tablespoons in the morning and at night.

We've tested these recipes and they work well.

My Dad just had a baaaaad cold and I was worried because he has COPD. I told him about the onion broth and now he raves about it! Cleared most of the congestion in 48 hours.

Now about the last post....

I don't think I mentionned that everything was thrifted!

                                             The turquoise pitcher 75 cents in Brockville, Ont.
                                              The large seasshell was a gift, the smaller one I got as
                                              a twofer at Value Village for $1.99. The Yankee Candle was $1, new -                                              unused at a garage sale, the big ashtray was a gift as well
                                   and the needlepoint frame was a big ol'quarter at the church basement .
                                   Now just how sweet is that???

I've got to go, SNL is on!
Be well my thrifty friends


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think onion broth sounds good!

Cheapchick said...

Hubby is Ukrainian and just eats a huge head (all the cloves) of garlic or an entire onion raw when he feels the need. Yucko but works every time. Great thrifty finds!

Mick said...

During the next bout of cold symptoms I will be trying out your "Onion Juice" sounds like a pretty good cure!