Sunday, March 2, 2014

Seen around...the grocery store

I love to grocery shop and enjoy the ethnic stoes even moe because you never know what you will see....

                                             Coconut Sport Balls anyone?
                                           Just what are those? 
                                          I always get a kick of seeing Montreal Chop Suey boxes.
                                          It means my bean sprouts will be fresh!

                                         Now notice the price tags on these veggies....
                                        The eggplant,okra and lotus all have the same tags...

                                          They are all called LEGUMES in english VEGETABLE.
                                           I'm sure the ownes didn't want to take any chances with the language
                                           police, so they are covered....
                                           But what about the veggie police????

                                           They other day one lady didn't know the difference between zucchini and cucumber....Good times!

                                             Have a nice week and don't foget to eat you veggies!!!


Cheapchick said...

I have no idea what the sport balls thing is, obviously something lost in translation. You would think the language police would be more concerned about what is in the products!

Zootsuitmama said...

You are too funny!! Does one play sports with the balls, or just admire them in the jar?? LOL... Sorry I don't get to comment much on other peoples' blogs, but for some reason I think I leave a comment and they do not show up from my home computer!