Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thifty JOY

Now thrifting has been dismall and my energy has been LOW.

We're having a NEVER ending winter...and even has another 6 inches of snow today! SIGH

I try my very hardest to stay upbeat and positive, this weather is getting real old.

But on the up side, we had 2 roadtrips in 2 weeks! SWEET!!!

Now first one with my step daughter Vero was in Qu├ębec city and I will share those pictures later.

Quebec city is truly a world treasure, a slice of old France! FANTASTIC!

But yesterday we went to NY state on a cat food shopping expedition! Rachael Ray just came out with Nutrish dry cat food (Not available in Canada) and my cats are just crazy about it. We had a Massena/Cornwall expedition about a month ago.

We started by going to Salaberry De Valleyfield which is not too far from Fort Covington NY.

I have to give MEGA PROPS to the Fort Covington population for the huge number of blowmolds in your yards! Santas, Snowmen, Mother Claus, Santa and reindeers with sleigh, Choir boys and girls and Nativity scenes.

I regret not taking my camera. I only had my Iphone and even if the roaming was turned off I am terrified of being charged with crazy charges from AT&T; so the  phone was off.

We got all our shopping in Malone (Price Chopper and Rite Aid) so we were free to roam as we wanted....

We decided to go to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid; 2 of my favorite places. For some reason I feel good vibes there.

Saranac Lake is hippish ,shabby and creative....Lake Placid feels comfy with a snobbish edge and has outlets!

We shopped but besides groceries, didn't buy anything because of the duty restrictions.

Well the border patrol doesn't have a restriction about thrift shops....Good for me

Here's what a got

                                            A cool turquoise green vase $1 and 2 little Pyrex dishes

                                              The stamp under says  Pyrex Double Tough.
                                              Those are obviously restaurant ware and at that thrift
                                              shop there was a lot of it, but I only bought 2.

                                              I used them for slaw tonight

                                              Nighty night !


Cheapchick said...

Road trips rule! Please do share some pics of Quebec city as I hear it is beautiful but have never been. Great finds!

Jill said...

Ohhh, I wish I lived so close to the border.....