Sunday, March 9, 2014

Out Thrifting!

Do you know just how excited I am to write about thrifting?

My oh my! There was such a thrift drought!!!

Yesterday we were heading west bright and early....

I was out to kill 2 birds with one stone, at least! First thrifting, second a car ride, third Swiss Chalet !!!

Swiss Chalet was on my 2014 restaurant bucket list. It is a canadian rotisserie chicken chain that we had in Qu├ębec but along with Red Lobster, Ponderosa and Montana's they eventually packed up and left.

It seems that Quebecers are particular....Well I've been missing Swiss Chalet for quite a while and what passes as rotisserie chicken here; St-Hubert; just left me wanting....

                                           The pitcher I found in Brockville.
                                            The Un-Candles and the hand mixer in Gananoque
                                          Cute cake Easter decor from Wilton
                                          And graduation cake decor!
I was really excited to find the Un-Candles unsed in their original box with wicks and everything!
I have been wanting some since I was a kid. I emember the ads on tv.

Of course they didn't fit in my parents Classic/Napoleon/ Renaissance no Un-Candles

They were quite a steel at $2.00.

As for my lunch; the fries tasted just as I remembered and so was the sauce, the chicken was really tasty and so were the ribs (we shared).

So It is really hard for me to say and I might even be disowned as a bonified Quebecer but I prefer Swiss Chalet over St-Hubert bbq!!! Now I said it! Amen!

            The plan was to take pictues before digging in!!!  
Next post more pictures and stories from the road trip :)
Have a great Sunday night!!!     


Cheapchick said...

Great finds,and I agree, Swiss Chalet is tasty, especially their gravy. Hubby used to go there for lunch in Edmonton all the time but we don't have one where we live now and I miss it. I always wanted one of those hand mixers, found one at a thrift and passed it up and never found another. Buy them when you find them!

SixBalloons said...

Great hand mixer! I actually don't like Swiss Chalet as I find their chicken a bit dry...!