Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another 'Seen Around` post

To tell you the truth I wanted to blog but had no idea what to write about.
So I lookd in my picture folder for some inspiration....
                                I spotted these seasonnal beauties at my local grocery store...Pumpkins
                                make me happy, they are so bright and cheery!
                                          I remember when this chip n dip was all the rage in the 90's.
                                          I also remembered how I resisted buying it . I had a co-worker who bought it along with other pieces, like a soap dispenser...I wonder if she still has them or they ended up in
a yardsale.
                                          AAAaaahhh no visit to the Value Village is complete without a Pyrex
                                          sighting !

                                          A cute Shenandoah casserole circa 1980's

I couln not resist taking a picture of this English Pyrex with a stunning ressemblance to Old Town Blue!

                                I always was a secret Bedazzle lover so this made me smile!

                                         And last but not least this plastic bead lampshade.
                                         it both enchants and repulses me....It must attract dust like the dickens...

                                         We are still getting the house ready for winter , caulking , prepping and purging (of course)....I am still working on the shed and some patio furniture needs to be brought inside. I am hoping for some drier weather to get ahead.....


Cheapchick said...

I used to know a lady who made those bead lampshades - repulses me too. We are winterizing as well, brought in all the patio cushions to store under the house for our wet winter here on Vancouver Island otherwise they mildew. I have found nothing great at the thrift store this week but my Stepdaughter found a really nice pair of army type boots that she is into so we swiftly bought them. I basically told her I will almost buy anything clothes related at the thrift store as I would rather she have 10 different cool pairs of shoes than one really expensive pair of brand new. We aren't cheap but we are frugal and she is on board with that. She wants to go out again tomorrow lol. Have a great week!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the pumpkin shot! So bright! It's fun just to go back through photos isn't it!

Mick said...

My Grandmother used to make lamp shades like that, she had a whole series of Christmas angels she made with chenille arms and heads. And OF COURSE Pyrex turns up for the Pyrex Queen, VonLip! ;)