Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who knew?

When I was in New Hampshire I went to the Salvation Army.

Of course I was expecting oodles and oodles of Pyrex....What can I say? I am a dreamer!

I saw this...

                               The infamous Bake a Round! I really wanted to get it but passed because I don't think I will be baking bread any time soon! But I figured that if I see one in the next couple of years...
I will get it.
And I could not resist getting this super cute Dunkin' Donuts for .99 cents
Imagine my surprise my I checked it out on Ebay and it was selling for $22.98!!!
That is an expensive mug!

Meanwhile in my little corner of the world, the trees are changing
and the days are getting shorter

                                                  The balcony is freshly stained.

                               And the mums are gorgeous.

                               We also startted applying fresh caulk around the doors and windows...
                                That is HARD work!

                                As you can see we are still takng care of business...

                                I hear the call of the flannel sheet! good night and sleep tight!


Jill said...

My mums that I have in the ground are just about done!!! Doesn't seem like they lasted that long!

I saw one of those Pyrex gadgets one time too and passed it by!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I bought a Pyrex bread round and then donated it back. Just too much work to ever use it and it was hard to store. But the mug is cute and WHO knew it would be worth that much!! Hugs!

Cheapchick said...

Very pretty mums, they are such a nice fall flower. Great find on the mug - I always pick up starbucks mugs if I find them cheap enough but never thought about a dunkin donuts one

Mick said...

Your mums are looking fine! I sold one of those bread rounds for $25.00 a while back. Be sure to check my blog on Friday!