Friday, October 24, 2014

What, what what ???? and EEEEEWWWW!!!

Sometimes I struggle to find a title to my posts.....I think this fits the bill.

It is nearly November which means the Holidays are just around the corner. In my boondock there is a big food drive (La Guignolée) early December. Last year I was not prepared for it, and I felt bad.

So this year I wanted to get a jump on it and start this weekend. First step: I go through my pantry and check what I have; sometimes I go crazy and buy too much tomatoes, so I'll give some of those.

I love doing this so I can clean the pantry at the same time! I check every can for the expiration date and the expired ones (depending of the date) will either go back in the pantry or in the garbage.

I try extra hard not to give expired items, I feel it is very insulting!

Boy was I in for a surprise!

I was so sure I cleaned out the pantry just 6 months ago! I found soup cans expired 4 years...WHAT? WHAT? WHAT???

I also found some cans all sticky....It smelled of maple syrup....So I cleaned and cleaned and never found the source of the leaking maple syrup.

Like I told Dan : It is a pretty interesting way to spend a Friday night! And as an added bonus I smashed a bottle of sweet and spicy asian chicken sauce on the pantry floor. There was glass and sticky mess allllll over. It took forever to clean up!

                                Now all the almond milk is at the same place,
and easier to juge how many to buy because we use about 4 liters a week and over all things are more organized and easier to see.

                                I have Stockpile Envy ( Extreme Couponing) I wish I had a year of toilet paper and feminine products...but it is not to be in Quebec...the supermarkets do not double the coupons and buy one get one free coupons are very rare....Oh well, I do have soup cans, tomatoes and olives to last me a while...

And Dan says I should not buy Kraft Mac n Cheese for quite a while....LOL unless it is a new amazing flavor.....

In the right corber you can see my 2 quarts of Fire Cider (which I named fire water....) I got the recipe from homespun seasonal  it will help ward off colds and soothe sore muscles!

I can't wait to try it, I bet it is kind of funky tasting!

Have a nice weekend!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is a great way to keep your pantry current and donate to a good cause. My Mom's pantry was stocked with a ton of old stuff that had to be thrown out. Now she has a small pantry and a lot less food in it! Better to keep track of it all.

Cheapchick said...

Don't get envious of the rest of the Provinces, we don't have any of that great couponing either. I do my best with Shoppers Drug Mart points and Loblaws PC plus points now. Sometimes I think that they sell things that are already expired and we take them home not even knowing!