Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Must Get!

I find that the problem with Target Canada, besides not including a flyer in our weekly flyer bag, having bare shelves and blah stores, is that it is not in the U.S.

In the past whenever I would go to Target in Maine I would get all excited because I couldn't find the stuff in Canada! Now they made deals with canadian companies, so let's face it I can find most of the things ANYWHERE....even in Walmart!

And what I want is not in the shelves.....But today I managed to nab the last white full fitted sheet!

Yay! And I saw these lovely appliances that I simply MUST HAVE!

                                         These just blew me away! I just wanted to say BYE BYE old white toaster and bland crockpot! MUST HAVE THESE....They just filled me with glee!

I also saw those adorable Xmas outdoor decor....Who can resist this sweet fox?

                                                    This adorable piggy?

                                          Or this huggable Dashung?

                                         I would have grabbed them in a jiffy if they had been blowmolds....
                                         So that will be for another time!
                                                    I might just go back and grab one of the adorable white foxes.....

                                            So I will bid you good night!


Jill said...

Those appliances would look nice in any kitchen, so cute!

Cheapchick said...

We have the same bare shelf problem at our Target. I bought water there the other day as they had loads and due to the tropical storm we cannot drink ours for several days. We were hoping for so much better when Target came to Canada.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I enjoy the Target style a lot!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I LOVE the crockpot and toaster!!! I'd probably start a huge battle at my house if I came home with another crockpot, since I have two already. Hopefully they will still be in the store (and in my area) when one of mine dies.