Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whatever goes

So tonight I just want to post but I have no game plan...

So I'll just write about my week. One sure sign that I am a survivor is that on February 28th was the fourth anniversary of my present employment! YAY for me!

On Wednesday I visited Target to see what their big close out sale was....In case you are living under a rock...Target Canada is closing ALL of its stores in the next month or so....I could have predicted that at least 6 months ago but I love Target and I hoped they would succeed in Canada but they didn't for assorted reasons...

I am sure that this HUGE FAILURE will make the textbooks for business students.

                                        Sorry mannequins  looking lonely

                              At least the 20% off Easter candy was a good deal! The thing is they advertise 40% but the only things that was 40% off were DVDs....
Ok Target you are moving out, you are probably sore about this failure but you neer wanted to hear what consumers had to say.....So GOOD RIDDENS WE WILL BE SPENDING OUR MONEY AT WALMART!!!

And believe it or not it pained me to write that. Because I am not a fan of Walmart either but I have to give them props because  they have been in business in Canada for 20 years now and Target lasted not even 2.

I walked in front of my fave Portugal bakery....It has been closed for about 1 year....and for some strange reason they didn't bother to remove the cakes from the windows...

The cakes are looking crusty and the Barbie is looking lonely!

On the homefront the bathroom will be finished tomorrow.
We have been here 20 years and never painted the washer & dryer space!
This was long overdue!

And I have been packing boxes...Seems some Pyrex is going in storage!

I am a HUGE Leonard Nimoy fan and I just want to wish all of you:

Live Long and Prosper


Cheapchick said...

So funny, I was in our Target February 13th and the only thing that was on sale was Valentines stuff. They totally don't get marketing in Canada which is why they failed - I am sorry they are going though as they were a big employer. They just didn't do their homework before coming here. Happy week!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I find Target pretty expensive! They do have good mark downs, clearance (better then WalMart). I can see why they didn't make it in Canada.