Saturday, July 25, 2015

Market Day

Last Saturday we woke up real early to Pick up my Dad and go to Jean-Talon Market.

Jean-Talon Market is one of Montreal's oldest public market , it was opened in 1933. It is also one of the largest public market in North America.

You can find a very large variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, artisanal products ....and bread!!! How can I forget the bread!

                                          I couldn't believe the mushroom selection!

                                 Flowers....I didn't linger because I couldn't buy anything since we are moving....

                                          I got lovely fresh peas, zucchinis and fresh figs....

With the zucchinis I made a lovely grilled zucchini with lemon salt recipe from The Pioneer Woman.
I didn't have time to make the lemon salt but the marinade was very very good and lemony. I will make this recipe again for sure but I will let it marinate longer, like maybe an hour...

Yes that is my Pyrex Red Kettle platter....And I was so in awe of the bakery that I didn't take any pictures,,,


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love markets like that! Oh the gorgeous fruit, veggies and flowers. Fresh bread is my downfall!

Cheapchick said...

Bread - my butt's nemesis :) I love it though. The zucchini looks yummy but hubby won't eat it in anything other than cake. Any idea what to do with thousands of tomatoes?