Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Twitter Beware

I read my twitter feed a couple of times a day to keep up to date, read witty tweets and get new recipes.

On Sunday afternoon I spotted this recipe .

Avocado, eggs and bacon .

I said to Dan, I need to try this for breakfast tomorrow!!! It looks delicious...avocado good, cheese good, egg good, bacon good.

Since the recipe called for cooked bacon, i fried up some bacon and pulled out an avocado from the fridge.

Yesterday morning, I pre-heated the oven and started wrestling with the avocados. The recipes asks us to put the avocado halves on top of a muffin tin otherwise the eggs will spill...

Well GOOD LUCK with that! I tried and next thing I know the hole I made is not big enough and the white spilled on the counter and in the muffin tin....Finally I balanced the halves on milk glass cups in tin foil plates.

I was really excited to try this, the cheese was golden, the bacon looked crunchy....

And then I took a spoonful and scooped out some and ate it.


I couldn't believe what was happening...the warm avocado tastes like crap...okay dirt

It was a bit better with cheese and bacon but a total fail overall.

Don't people test recipes anymore?

And to think of all those people who loved it on Twitter and Pinterest!

Sorry but from now on no warm avocado for me

(Just the thought of it makes me gag...)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I can't say that avocado should be warm or cooked...EVER! ugh!

Cheapchick said...

I love avocado but not warm :) I tried a facebook avocado tomato cucumber salad that looked tasty but was a total fail in the actual taste department. I use recipes.com a lot - they have tried and true recipes and haven't failed me yet.