Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thrifty Goodness

One of my fave grocery store is the kookiest or one of the kookiest in Montreal.

My Dad calls it the dirty grocery, I've called it many names....but in fact it has no real official name outside. The sign says '├ępicerie' or grocery store.

I know its real name but cannot say it....It is one of Montreal's best kept secret!

If you can get past the smell (Dried salted cod), the chaos and the will be rewarded with thrifty goodness.

The produce can be fabulous, or past its prime and sometimes they don't have red bell peppers....

I go there with a list, but rarely buy all that is written on it. Because you never know what deals you will find!

Here is some of the goodies i got today.

The Cracker Barrel cheese was $1.99 for 250g (about 8 ounces)
That is a DYNAMITE deal!
The cheese expires in 16 days....
The butternut squash was a dollar a pound, so it came to $1.06 
And the Oka cheese , was $1.49 for 100g (3.5 ounces)
The company introduced the sliced version of this iconic Quebec
cheese maybe a year ago. I saw it first at my local Maxi & Cie
(Canada's Superstore) and it was $6.99 for a big package, don't know the weight
but this cut of cheese has been MIA ever since.
It smells of feet and is amazing on toast!
  I also bought an eggplant ($1.11), 3 zucchinis ($1.07) and a
red pepper for .57cents

With the veggies I made a pig pot of ratatouille.
Eggplant,zucchinis,onion,garlic,red pepper and tomatoes....LOVE!

I also add basil, S&P and some Johnny's seasoned salt

It will be sooo good with Italian sausages

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Cheapchick said...

Your stew looks yummy. I am used to the salt cod experience in supermarkets after going to Portugal (their national dish). Great deal on the cheese. I normally only buy cheese when on sale less than $1 per 100 grams, and then end up freezing a lot of it. Except on feta then I just try and buy a good small amount as I love it in my salads.