Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We DID it!!!

This week it will be 2 months since the move....

We are making the space our own, but it is a slow process. My Dad still has some boxes here and slowly but surely we are bringing them downstairs.

We achieved 2 big, I mean BIG things over the weekend....

First we unpacked the last boxes...

 All GONE!
In less than 2 months! 300 boxes!!!

 I alos had one of those AHA! moments
And (get ready for this) it dawned on me
that I just had too much Pyrex.
I was opening the last boxes and I was choking under the weight of the Pyrex!
I NEVER thought it would happen.
Oh well! I will be keeping a lot but only
my super fave patterns. And that doesn't include those
Verde casseroles....

I spotted this beautiful tree today on Ste-Catherine street.
The yellow leaves against this bright blue sky just make my
heart sing!

Good night folks!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sounds like this move has been a really good one for all of you. I recently sold a lot of my Pyrex and it felt good. I had loved it for years but just wasn't using it and while selling it to many younger folks who were super excited to find Pyrex it felt so good! Enjoy my friend.

Cheapchick said...

Well congrats - moving is always better when you manage to get everything unpacked quickly. Selling Pyrex? I understand, thinking of parting with some of my old stuff too. Maybe use the money for something fun like a weekend away?