Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Looking back

I knew i had to do a post on 2015.

What can I say? What can I write?

In a nutshell we sold the house. Getting it ready was A LOT OF WORK! We needed to fix some things to make it sellable.
We should've put some money aside every year to keep it up to date but we did not.
 So it was a race to the finish.

I am proud of what we accomplished, all tose DIY shows paid off in the long run. They still do as a matter of fact.

The experience we gained a homeowners is priceless and we use it nearly every day! every week Dan  says : I am so glad I didn't get rid of MY tools!!!!

Lol that is priceless.

One thing is for sure that we are not hoarders.....we were able to get rid of so much! And still continue to do so.

I have no new pictures to share because of a computer problems can't find a network....

I still miss the house once in a while, but not really if you know what i mean. I miss the cats I lost    

mostly....Donald, Tipi, Paloo, Bobbit, Pinotte, Guizoo and Bob. Lots of love. Lots of memories.

But that is just part of life and having pets.

2016 should be FANTABULOUS!!! i feel great, energized, ready to soar

I subscribed to Appartment Therapy's January Cure and so far so good

I am looking forward to thrift galore and a smogasborg of garage sales

I haven't picked out a word for 2016. It is quite a trend this year on Facebook.
But I think those sites that pick a word for you are a sham.
How can you just give your first name and get a word that will guide your whole

Oh well, if it helps people....

On this note I want to thank everybody that left a comment, took the time to read, I really appreciate it.

See you soon dear friends!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

2015 was quite the year for me also. I don't usually pick a word for the year but Simplify was just staring me in the face and so far it's really helping me move forward and reach a goal. I've given away stacks of dishes now and more to go. Boxes and bags to the thrift shop with more to go. This is my year to make my home comfortable and easier to take care of. To enjoy my Charlie Kitty and my Grands. To spend time with my Mom and my daughters. To just be happy and not so stressed.

Cheapchick said...

I picked my own damn phrase - not letting someone else do it. "Live in the moment". I am a planner and don't do it enough :) You did have a big upheaval year, that's for sure but sounds like you are happy in your new home. I am not a hoarder either, can instantly tell you what I would remove from a burning house 1. hubby 2. puppy 3. camera 4. New stand mixer (but way to heavy so likely that would stay behind lol) I just don't seem to get attached to stuff although I do collect the odd thing.