Monday, January 25, 2016

Seen around....

oh my! This is my first seen around post of 2016!

We went to Plattsburg, NY last Saturday as a wee roadtrip. i needed a change SO BAD!

I was well prepared and Dan was super relaxed and opened to the thrift. Before lunch I visited 2 thrifts without sucess. But that doesn't mean I didn't see cool stuff!

                          Where have you seen a chopped liver dish ? It was a first for me 

A cool casserole rack

A schmogasborg of Pyrex!!!

a nice Old Orchard in box....


Yellow gooseberry


A HostessSet! Wow

To tell you the truth....if i had a stall in a flea market
It would look like that!!!
                                         Thank you all for bearing with me while I learn about blogging with a tablet
                                          i' m hoping to either figure out what is wrong with my laptop or getting an
                                          New one.

                                          Be well and stay thrifty !



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so glad I've downsized my Pyrex, but still enjoy looking at it in the vintage shops. You can figure it out on your tablet, says I who only blogs on her laptop!

Cheapchick said...

Even if you don't buy anything thrifting still rocks! I have a thrifting day out with my Mom planned for a nearby town 45 minutes away for Thursday - can't wait! It is not often that I can go for several hours because of the dog, usually 2 hr increments but hubby is with the dog so I am going out for the day woohoo!

Jill said...

Thrifting is just what it used to be, is it? And, the other thing is, I guess we have enough and not buying much....