Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Brought to you by the letter G!

The letter G for....You guessed it! GELATIN! On my last Salvation Army visit I was lucky enough to find the Better Homes and Garden Salad Book! This will be good for some laughs I said to myself....I had no idea how much!

For today's show and tell I chose 
some of the most pukalicious pictures....no jokes!
YUM! the shrimp-lime Double Decker! Do you realise that the lime is provided by lime Jell-o? Eeeewww! Lime Jell-o and shrimp? Where is a barf bag when I need one?

The Perfection Salad....Ever popular!  A hearty winter salad! I'm sorry but I don't associate gelatin salads with winter! BRRRRR! And check out the shredded cabbage it looks like WORMS! Double EEEEWWWW!!!

The Lemony Salmon Towers.....I'm speechless....I feel like throwing up right now on my laptop!

Last but not least the I can't believe they covered the table with cucumbers salad! And tomatoes.My mind must be in the gutter 'coz I can't help but find this phallic. They even filled the top of the center cuke with mayonnaise! And can you believe that they censored TV and movies....

I rest my case!

Be sure to visit another gelatin afficionado (NOT!), my pal Tracy in her oh so funny blog Crazy Suburban Mom HERE for more Retro Tuesday fun!


Maureen said...

O!M!G! Gross!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OHKAYYYYYYYYYYYY... honestly they all look so awful picking the worst is hard but not really because lime and shrimp even though it doesnt look the worst is JUST A GAGAPALOOOOOZA.

I've not seen that one before.

ew. perfect!

CinnamonAndSass said...

Yuck. People should really never abuse gelatin in that manner again.

Cynthia said...

Guess what? My box arrived today! Thank you so much for the lovely Pyrex. I posted it on my blog!