Monday, February 8, 2010

Soeur Berthe Recipe's

I had a great weekend and I sure hope you had one too!

Saturday I went thrifting with my Dad. It was the best! he got me this book at Value Village.

I had heard of Soeur Berthe (let's face it I think everybody in their forties in the province of Quebec has heard of her). I had never made one of her recipes, I don't know if I will make some. What fascinated me was the pictures. What else?

Ok check out her hair! This book was published in 1974 so what's up with the bouffant do? Who would do that to a middle aged nun? Every time I see this picture I crack up I can't help it!

Something else that comes to mind is...Why everything is so elaborate? It's a picture of a picnic!
She brought serving dishes at a picnic! And the stuffed bread with the antennas....that spells: One of the kids will put an eye out with those!
Unfortunately this book doesn't have a lot of pictures. The previous owner actually crossed out recipes that failed or she didn't like...which is kinda weird because Soeur Berthe was Culinary Arts Director at a big chichi school....ok well! Maybe not enough testing in the kitchen.
I could not resist the last pic because...I'm sure you saw it...In the top left corner a plethora of Spring Blossom Green Pyrex (5 casseroles and 1 bowl).
Check out the de-boned stuffed chickens in the middle, talk about elaborate! Who had time to make that???
If I would make it the chicken would have time to reach the best before date before I could finish de-boning it! You don't learn that technique anywhere, you have to go to cooking school for that!
What about that big plate of sardines...LOL!
Don't worry there's plenty of retro stuff where that came from so join me tomorrow for more on Retro Tuesday!


Linda said...

That was so fun to see those photos. Her hair cracked me up!! Loved the pyrex of course!!

Maureen said...

Perhaps Jehane (sp?) Benoit's sister? lol

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

oh my, deboning a chicken? no, dont think so... don't think so at all...and I'm not going to be putting out a plate of sardines any time soon although I would really love to see the look on my kids face. I really would

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

My mom used to get her hair done like that whenever they'd have a rec room party with friends and neighbours. It was the decade of quilted hostess dresses and trying out different cocktails while the men played darts. A lot of the women had funny hair.

(And they'll be saying the same about us, I bet)