Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retro Wednesday 'coz I had so much fun!

Boy oh boy am I sore this morning! I look like a big ol' piece of plywood; I don't bend! Since it was very mild yesterday I took out my trusty bike and ran some errands...which translate in 40 minutes of excercise! Working out the muscles that hadn't seen a lot of action since early December. I rode my bike a couple of times since then but never like this. Recently my excercise has been: from the couch to the computer, then to the kitchen then back again so it was high time I moved! Granted I line dance on Sunday but that is not enough...

Today I decided to show you where all those amazing (yucky) gelatin salads were probably made. In the November 1958 edition of the Ladie's Home Journal I found this fascinating article: Six unforgettable kitchens you'd like to cook in. These are actual kitchens! Here we go!

The John Spear jrs Long Island (5 minutes from the Atlantic)

  They obviously have oodles of money...but I don't like this kitchen. Way too much wood! And the chandelier??? PASS!

The Jerome Cardins Maryland suburb

The cabinets are violet, wild but it works for me. I could cook in there for sure. Dual ovens? I'm so there! And there is a microwave (that is scary!). My Dad pestered me for years to get a microwave and finally I gave in in 1989...I wonder how safe was the technology in 1958...Hey Betty is that a third arm coming out of your head?

The Charles Whitneys New York's Rockland county

Stone wall with a gazillion cast iron skillets? No thank you! I like the pale blue open shelves and I love the stove...I'd like one just like that for my kitchen! The Perfection salad (shredded cabbage that looks like worms) was proably made on the premises regularly!

The Edward Stones Mid-Manhattan

If it's pink then there's a really good chance I will love it! I really like the one piece stainless steel counter top and of course all the pink appliances. The grill work not so much, but then again it's mid-Manhattan!

The Irving Penns 200 year old house in the country

Ok there's a pink window treatment but that's not enough pink for me! This is definitely 1958's idea of country. I feel it's too woody and dark. The cucumber orgy salad would add a touch of freshness here!

The H.M. Dancers Virginia 

This one reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen (it's the yellow). These folks have a fireplace in the kitchen and a revolving spit on a charcoal cooking area. I hope they have good ventilation! Here I see the lime shrimp jiggly affair...

By the way I haven't seen a single piece of Pyrex! Don't these people know what's good for them?

Have a nice one faithful readers!


Linda said...

Interesting kitchens. I like the Pink one the best!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh, I'm with you on the violet one - lovely. And it's funny but I saw a microwave ad in some magazine and though WHOA! No way... The pink kitchen has me for the pink too... and its odd how much red I'm noticing with pink - I saw it yesterday in the bathrooms I posted. Its okay and it goes but its not what I'd do - I think its the left overs of that geranium red that came before...

The wood one with the chandelier is just kind of humorous, dont you think.

Maureen said...

All I can say is it's a good thing I wasn't around yet (by just a pinch! but hey). I've come to the conclusion that it's the lines. Everything is so....boxy!

concretenprimroses said...

What fun to see all these kitchens. I'm afraid mine looks vintage too. Love the violet, pink and yellow the best.

bonnie said...

Love, love, love the violet kitchen~especially the open shelves and all of their cool dishware. You're right, though.
Where's the Pyrex?