Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thrifty Goodness

Last Saturday we hoped in the car and a thrifting we went! To Cornwall, Ontario land of plenty!
First stop Value Village...Dan spotted those FAB vintage highballs...I just had to get them! Still on the fence about keeping them, I love them but it's a space issue....
Ahhh! The decanter...I've been aching for one for a long time and I got this one at 50% off that is 2.50$ ! And it's all clean too! No pesky white ring that you can never remove...I got this at my favorite thrift store full of toothless old ladies reeking of cigarette smoke. Stinky but beautiful finds!

I got this vase/ice tea glass at the same place for .50 cents. I love the blue green color. I looked in my reference book and it might be a Diamond Point from the Idiana Glass Co, but nothing for sure!
Got the sea shells at Value Village too for 1.99$. I love the sea,shells and the beach. My bathroom is beach themed and so is one of my bedrroms so I just had to grab them!
We had an amazing lunch at Cornwall BBQ. That place was full 70's decor wise. Everything red and orange with roosters all over. the food was really good even the BBQ sauce was homemade. It's really rotisserie chicken and not bbq. It was amazing!
Well gotta go! I have some church basement to investigate! later Gators!


Tara Beaulieu said...

Those highball glasses are fab! Great finds! :)

Linda said...

Love those glasses. Sets are hard to find in good shape at the thrift!

Maureen said...

Ms. V - must you always taunt me with food! Hmmmmm......I know exactly the kind of BBQ you are talking about. A la "putt, putt putt St-Hubert BBQ". (That was one their old commercials I think.)

Roslyn said...

Good for you putting up with the stinky air to find your treasures!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Those finds ROCK! Loving those glasses!