Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Good afternoon everyone!

 I am sick with some kind of cold for the third time in 3 weeks...That sucks big time! I haven't seen this week at all, I've slept most of the days....I did'nt have the energy to participate in Thrusday Vintage Thingy over at Colorado Lady but that doesn't mean I won't visit since I feel a bit better!

About Earth Day...Here @ Vonlipi's house everyday is Earth Day! We recycle,compost,buy local,grow some of our veggies,use public transport or the bikes,bring our own bags when we go shopping (I hate that one but I still do it) and use re-usable drinking bottles.

Yes, just like these....I love these bottles! They look cool and they keep water cold a long time!

So the other day Dan asks if I've looked inside my reusable bottle. And I say no,why. Well take a flashlight Miss V.and take a peek inside...And I did.

And I nearly threw up!!! OH YEAH BIG TIME PUKARONI!

What the??? I don't understand! I wash mine 3 or 4 times a week! What the hell??? And I look in Dan's and it is WORSE! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!
And Dan says I wash mine at work all the time! So I soak them and brush scrub them twice and the little buggers are there smiling at me! And I bring out the big guns (javel) and pour some in with hot water and wait and scrub with the brush and now they're waving at me....!"/$%?&!"/$%?!!! (That's me cursing a blue streak) So finally I just tossed our beloved bottles in the recycling bin!
So be sure to take a gander inside your reusable bottle if it isn't see through!
This might be why I'm sick all the time....  


Linda said...

I am so torn about reusable bottles and/or using plastic and recycling. Your photos made me queasy and that is why I don't like reusable bottles, not sure why they are so hard to clean??

Mom Walds Place said...

You might be right about the getting sick thing. We have a cold too though, so don't feel too bad.

Not sure why you're having issues. Got a bottle brush? Soak'em in the sink while you're doing other stuff then give a good ol' swisheroo.

The nice thing about the stainless steel bottles is that you can use really hot water washing them.

Happy Earth Day!

Maureen said...

Oh my! I'm sorry that you're sick. I'm thinking that bottle could have had something to do with it! They are too hard to wash - they need bigger openings - more like a sippy cup or something. Better design!

Ms.V I didn't know that you were so earth friendly! Awesome! I like to do my part too. I'm mad at myself for getting sidetracked and not doing an Earth Day post today - I think I'll do one now. Check out my garden blog tomorrow (you can get it in the top of my blog sidebar).

janjan said...

My friend uses a gorgeous old wine bottle as her water bottle. Mind you she gets some funny looks when she's guzzling away at the water.
If you have an old baby bottle steraliser, couldn't the bottle be cleaned the same way as baby bottles.
Hope you are feeling better soon, I hate colds, they suck, I'm hopefully coming to the end of the first one I've had in about 5 years


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

So, how did you "take a look" to see all those nasty bugs?

I have a reusuable bottle but it's got a large mouth (somewhat like myself); so you can get a bottle brush in there and scrub.

So sorry you're sick again. Hopefully you're feeling better soon and that there will be no reoccurrences.

Douce France..... said...

Take care of you!
Forget about washing those...just in case the bugs gets recycled too!
Have a nice week-end and thks for dropping by. I might sew a few more aprons after all...