Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Retro Tuesday: More of the World's Tackiest Postcards

Happy Retro Tuesday to all! My first offering is not only tacky it's in BAD taste, but I just couldn't resist! Just what is life without bad taste? We need bad taste so we know what tasteful is like!

Lautenberg Laboratories is the leader in controlled environment Beta testing for the personnal hygiene and pharmaceutical industry. Providing clinical,laboratory and random field testing for both consumer as well as idustrial products. Ask your rep for details. FDA approved.

You know I didn't make that up! I'm looking for a job but not this one!LOL

On to more tacky and less bad taste...

Why pay more? When you can have that rich look of wallpaper,without the cost! DecorWall goes on easy. It's fun and economical too!
It seems that you put ink or pait in the thingamagig and roll it on the wall. I would so use it! 'coz wallpaper is making a comeback... Here in Canada we have this reality home decor show called Colin & Justin Homeheist . Those guys are particularly fond of wallpaper, and not the discreet stuff...The BIG PATTERN wallpaper. So click on the link and check out a couple of videos. It seems us canadians are totally in love with them....I like their designs however I find them a bit much for the regular folks. They come in like 2 tornados and redo 3 rooms...what about the rest of the house??? You're stuck with your old stuff and 3 hyper stylish rooms with wallpaper....I tell you not for everybody....

And last but not least and neither tacky nor tasteless is this little gem

A lovely weekend Bar-be-que. Now this is how a picture a saturday at the Casablanca Hotel & Resort. Hot dogs and iced tea then a nice movie at the drive-in! Heaven I tell you!

For more interesting,retro and sometimes tasteless fun be sure to hop to Crazy Suburban Mom and say hi to my friend Tracy!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Well that just plain Stinks...the armpit that is! Who knew you could get paid for...Lookin for a JOB Title here...Olafactory Engineer!!

I'm glad to hear Wallpaper is coming back...glad I kept mine! Alto it's the real stuff and not rolled with a thingamijig!

Fun Post as always!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Hey! My folks used that wallpaper gadget thingie on their bedroom when I was a little girl. I was endlessly fascinated with the "raised texture" effect and the slightly different yellow swirly pattern.

And yes, I agree with you totally about Colin and Justin. I've always asked the questions about the rest of the house decor. And their stuff is much too "perfect" for me. But I do love them anyway.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

omg. thats the funniest postcard Ive ever seen in my life.

Mick said...

Aw Thanks Vonlip! (as I like ot call you) You got it right down the the lawn furniature! :) That first is just TERRIBLE.. haha I want ot introduce you to my friend Colleen! Shes Super fabulous thrifty, crafty and can sew like nobodys bussiness! Shes currently redoing her blog to be more about crafting, sewing and Thrifting. and I KNOW your just gonna love her (were all but twins) So go visit and tell her I sent ya!


Linda said...

Those are just so funny!!! The armpit smelling...PeeU!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I don't know - - - my teaching job is ending in June, I might be an arm pit sniffer if the pay is right!