Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Winter Blues

So Monday morning after a weekend of fever,coughing and everything being sick means.....Dan decided to take me to see a doctor; after all I have ashtma and I don't want complications. I know I've been there.

We stopped for some breakfast on the way and our friendly waitress asked if we were ready for the upcoming weather the next What weather? Snow was on the way....

The border near the street.

Our medical services might be free but the system is definitely lacking....Now I have ashtma,pain in my lungs when I cough, pain in my sinuses,a fever...And I waited 9 hours to see a doctor. They called in a kid that hurt his arm at school, tummy aches, garden variety aches and pain all before me....I was too sick to be pissed off!

The shade garden

And the doctor was some piece of work too! Yes Dr Tange from the Valleyfield hospital I'm writing about you! You have no bed side manners. She told me that I wasn't sick enough, I should've waited a couple more days. And not to worry about complications, it was all in my head. A couple of years ago I was hospitalised because the cold had changed into a full blown bronchitiis that I was too weak to fight.
But after 9 hours I just didn't care...just give me some pills that I can go home and crash. Well she didn't want to give me antibiotics for the sinusitis she said I didn't have. Thank god she finally produced a prescrition! She told me to wait a couple of days to take it. Hell no! I was going to start taking it with my supper! which i did and I'm glad because I feel better already! Alive and kicking and well enough to thrift! WOOHOO!

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine has a rash and she's trying to see a doctor for it and nobody will see her because one doctor wrote in her file she was difficult?  Well I don't think I'll be welcomed for quite a while there....hihihi

The side border

Now about the garden...Seeing the snow fall was like a dream. So strange looking! I'm glad to report that the flowers still look glorious! It's definitely one of my best spring flower year.

So with the snow falling and I was still a bit tired from my hospital ordeal from Monday....I went upstairs for a nap....Here's what I saw....

One word on the vintage pillow cases. I got them all for 75 cents at my fave church basement. I'm in love!

Have a great day and keep smiling!


Douce France..... said...

Nice to see that you are back in shape! Beautiful garden under the snow, mine too!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Rotten rich medical professionals!

I hope you're feeling better soon. And yeah, your garden (and kitty) look lovely.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm sorry for that doctor, some people shouldnt work with people they should work with .... I dunno, wood.

Feel better

Maureen said...

Ugggg.....been there, done that. I once sat at the Royal Vic in excruciating pain for 9 or 10 hours. On the bright side, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Mom Walds Place said...

Healthy prayers for you, and that your snow goes away too!

Down here in the stated folks are excited about Federal Healthcare "Heaven". There are going to be a whole bunch of really, really disappointed people. Kind of like when the current president was elected, but I digress.

Your kitty buddy has the right idea!!

Anonymous said...


Ally said...

I love your kitty! So cute!!!