Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegan Handbag

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I would be falling for a 'plastic' handbag, I would've replied: Yeah sure! Whatever!

Well I did! I bought my last handbag 2 years ago shortly after I lost my job. I purchased something sensible,sporty and let's face it perfect for our Brimfield trip....If you don't know what Brimfield is just follow this LINK ...So that bag went thrifting,dancing and on a lot of car trips. And I dropped countless cups of coffee on it and water and if I could spill it it went on the bag. It's still good mind you but not as nice.

It's a bit shabby...and frayed. So over the weekend we went window licking and browsing around and I see a store display. A nice,cool Matt&Nat vegan handbag....sigh

And Dan says: A girl needs a nice handbag for her job interviews....And bought it for me1 I swear I nearly cried in the store...

Here it is....I go weak in the knees everytime I see it!

Left is the older faithful companion. It's not retiring just yet...It still has a couple of miles left in it. I will be using the new one for interviews and dates for the time being....

Look Tracy! The lining is aqua! And made with 21 used water bottles....How cool is that? A eco-friendly vegan handbag!

Have a great wednesday folks! I'm jumping on my bike and going exploring in my fave church basement! I hope I find good stuff!
And stop by my friend Jade's new blog Out Thrifting for a visit!


Maureen said...

Nice purse! Just the size I like.

Good luck with the job hunting.

SixBalloons said...

They DO make great bags. I recently went to a factory outlet sale with their purses and wallets and scooped a bag for 60% off!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOL! Even before I read the aqua part I went ooooooooooooooooooh aqua! LOL, your too funny and know me too well!