Monday, August 16, 2010

New Week

OMG time flies sooo fast! Another week is starting!

I had a lot of fun this weekend! On saturday I went with my BFF DeeBee to a Sew Basics sewing course. Yes I can sew a bit but I get intimidated a lot by the whole process!

We arrived early to choose our fabrics...


My selection is on the left and DeeBee's on the right.

Here's the finished products

The pic doesn't do the fabric justice. It is much brighter.

Here's DeeBee's


We had a lot of fun and it was the perfect girl's afternoon out! Next time we just might learn how to change a zipper!

 On Sunday we were supposed to hang out with good friends of ours and go for a drive in the country and grab a bit to eat. Well that didn't happen instead we did yard work. The yard always looks so much better when everything is tidy!

Do you remember this?

Now it looks like this...

And it's official it is a pumpkin. It's starting to turn orange...
I believe this one is Son of  Last Year's Pumpkin. I had a lot of squashes and  2 pumpkins last year; we ate one and the other started to rot before I could get to it....So I threw it out in a border....and nature took its course!

One of our cats has constipation problems lately and I decided to grow some cat grass to help him.

It looks so much better in Pyrex! Heck, everything does!

Have a great week everyone!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the cat grass in Pyrex! Charlies water bowl is Pyrex! Cute sewing projects and yes that looks like a fun girlfriend day!

Maureen said...

Cat grass in Pyrex! I love that you use your collection.

Sewing is a great skill to have. You can make so many things for the house.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I am so jealous of people who sew! Good for you that's such a great talent to have! Wow! Can quilts be far behind!

Tara Beaulieu said...

How cool! I wish they offered a basic sewing course around here somewhere. Actually I wish they offered a personal trainer to come teach me to use the sewing machine I inherited from my gram. Too many gadgets and knobs, lol!

I think it's fab that you've planted grass in a pyrex for your kitty. :)