Monday, August 9, 2010

Sad and Blue

I worked on Saturday! HUGH! And it was sooooo boring, I nearly fell asleep! I had an early night too, I conked out on the sofa at 8!

On Sunday morning I was in tip top shape...I was ready for some rearranging in my Etsy merchandise...You know how it is...Someone asks for a quote , they don't buy the item . I rarely put it back where it belongs and next thing you know I have stuff from the store all over the place!

It was while doing that...that Dan asked me where my bycicle was...Well, it's leaning on the fence as usual...why?

Nay nay! No bike here! SOMEONE HAD STOLEN MY BIKE! Some ASSHOLE had stolen a 1989 Raleigh with some rust on it!

When even went around the neighborhood to find it...but nothing! I'm still hoping for a miracle!

Please come home bike, I miss you!

Otherwise I'll get a new one for my B-Day...and let me tell you no more leaving it leaning on my fence!

I'm off to work early because EPM (evil post mistress) is on vacation...Have a great day and a great week!



Douce France..... said...

Sorry about your bike...
See the good side, the evil is away! Vacations for you on one side. Have a nice week !

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

so sorry about your bike!! people are just awful :(

Toronto Yardsaler said...

What a drag. I had the front wheel stolen off my bike once when I was at work and I had to then call a cab and put my amputated bike into the trunk of the cab and take an expensive ride home.
Losing your cool bike is so much worse.
I'm generally not a spiteful person, but I hope the lowlife who stole your pretty bike will learn a lesson the hard way.
What goes around...
Hang in there,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That is just awful that someone stole your bike!! I am amazed at how awful people can be. Hope your week isn't too bad and maybe the bike will come home!

Maureen said...

Nasty people!

Vonlipi said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!

It means the world to me.

I hope the creep who stole my bike, has it stolen too!

Or the bike comes back home like a big boy where he belongs...I can always dream no?

mub said...

I'd be so mad!!! I hope what goes around comes around to that guy =(