Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm expiration date crazy!

More tales from the postal counter....Maybe 10 years ago Canada Post decided to sell franchises to make money, ergo the postal counter was born! Which means that Shopper's Drug Mart who bought most franchises has a postal counter in most stores. It also means that people working at the PC (postal counter), get paid the Shopper's salary (minimum wage)  compared to Canada Post salaries which are at least 2 or 3 times more...Same stress,mini paycheck.

Now I don't know if it's the same for all PCs but the store manager didn't want 2 employees behind the counter, not enough work it seems. I was there to replace EPM (evil post mistress) during her very long lunch break , but when she came back they had no use for me at the PC, so my other job was to go on the floor and check expiration dates.

Now I know that EPM and the lady whom I replaced disdained that job, they made pukey faces when they talked about it. During my 'training' I was told to check the baby products and health supplements and nothing else; when I checked with the manager I was told to check dates on everything I would put in my mouth!

I tell you it was my favorite part of the job! First of all I didn't have those pesky,bitchy,nosy,stinky people in my face, nobody bothered me and it aloud me to think about stuff! And it was FUN!

Now the lady I replaced was the sweetest but it was obvious she didn't like checking dates! I found stuff so old I was surprised it didn't run around in the store!

So I started with health supplements, meal replacements etc....I threw thousands of dollars of expired products in the bin to wait for the inventory adjustements.

Same with baby products! I then went on to skin care (ok I don't eat skin care) but I wouldn't want expired stuff on my face. After a while it got pretty boring, I was supposed to tour the store every month. The most boring things to check were toothpastes and mouthwashes.

The dust was unbearable! I asked who cleaned the shelves, it seems they get cleaned once a year, but I could do it if I wanted....Hum let me see....minimum wage,EPM, I'm already doing a job no one likes and I can clean the shelves too? NO THANK YOU!

I got to think that I should check condoms and other personnal items, because truth be told I wouldn't want expired product near my girlie bits!

I got to see all the products sold in a pharmacy and I was flabbergasted to see all the diet aids, they actually sell health supplement to make your boobs grow bigger! UNBELIEVABLE!

I would come home in the afternoon and do what? check the expiration dates! I still do all over the house!

So dear readers,please check all your products! Not just food! Some companies have freshness codes intead of expiration dates so in doubt, don't be shy and call them up to ask! 


Maureen said...

That was funny you crazy girl..... girlie bits!

Mom Walds Place said...

I have an insanely high temperature and feel like poo, but YOU made me laugh, okay smile...well at least on the inside.


Mom Walds Place said...

Had to come back, you may have saved someone's life! Do you know what old condoms do? BREAK! OMFreakin' Word! They're supposed to check those things!!! Bless you "Angel of Expiration Dates", Bless You.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Now I am laughing! Between your girlie bits and Mom Walds broken condoms I am having a nice little giggle! I always check expiration dates! Hey they are there for a reason!!!