Monday, October 18, 2010

Just for Tracy!

Ok so I toyed with the idea of posting something but I got side tracked by the day. You know just the day to day stuff: laundry,racking leaves,cooking. I did take pics this morning but quickly forgot about them.

And I took a HUGE nap, yes guilty as charged! Even if the house in Saco was wonderful, the mattresses left something to be desired....With Dan in the full bed I felt like I was falling; and as a matter of fact it was true! One side of the bed was crooked, so it was uncomfortable for 2. I can also add that the Danmeister had a bad cold and was moaning and coughing most of the night, so I moved in to another room which had 2 singles so I had to buy single sheets (I love you Target). The house was a bring your linens deal and bring your soap,garbage bags and TP!

So after dinner I checked my blog and saw that Tracy my dear pal from Crazy Suburban Mom had left me a really cute comment about being in withdrawal from my blog and heaven forbids that Tracy should have convulsions or puke on her doody rug!

So I'm not making this up I actually bought some Pyrex on my vacation.

I got those 2 little fridgies. The one on the left has a banged up lid :(

5 Butterfly Gold Compatibles napkin rings  

 And this cute Cinderella Spring Blossom Green 441 bowl

Each piece was less than 3$ and the napkin rings were 1.75$.

I can't wait to use the napkin rings.

In case you're wondering: NO I don't have ALL the Pyrex pieces made. It is a common misconception! And No I don't buy all the piece I see, even if I don't have them. I try to get the smaller missing pieces. Once in a while I will get a fixation on a pattern or a piece ad then try to get it no matter what.

There was the Pink dinnerware fiasco. I decided I NEEDED (a deep deep need) for a 4 place setting of Pink rimmed Pyrex dinnerware. So I started slowly...I got the cream and sugar....some cups ans saucers and then I spotted some bread plates and saucers on Etsy and I bought them. Unfortunately the seller hadn't taken the time to go to the post office and have the parcels properly weighed and priced so she freaked out at the real shipping price ( a life lesson she won't forget soon). I got 2 plates and then I waited and waited and the seller asked me to be patient and I was r-e-a-l patient.

Then one day after a shift at the PCOU (postal counter of unjoy) I saw a yellow sticker from UPS on my door. They had come a-knocking but I was a-shipping! And they wanted 22$ of my hard earned money. No way I was going to pay duty on vintage plates! So I wrote the seller informing her of the situation and my refusal to pay additional fees. Well UPS came a couple of times and I was never there so the plates went back, I guess...I got some of my money back after 4 months. I felt bad for that clueless seller, it ended up costing her more than she made on the sale.

So I'm off the Pink dinnerware (for now) lol!

Wow I really rambled on!

I really have a good find for tomorrow...I'll give you a clue...It's glassware but not Pyrex and it was a definitely a


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your ramblings but love your Pyrex napkin rings and fridgies the best!!

SixBalloons said...

So glad you're back, can't wait to hear about the surprise for tomorrow!

Maureen said...

You're on a roll today! Funny, funny!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OH man, Ive been stuck in my bathroom for a week and totally missed that you posted this and ack!

Ack Ack!

How did that even happen????

Well, so glad you are back.... and LOVE the pyrex...I totally almost emailed you from a goodwill type place a few days ago about two fireking things - but then i looked at them and one was totally beat up even though it had like atomic aqua and i think gray snowflakes on it and the other was not fireking is was Federal and also snowflake but gold and black and in the end, I dont know. I just passed on it. It wasnt mint ..Nothing there ever is...