Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FTW? Tuesday! Big Ass Lampshades

Do you remember David Letterman and his big ASS hams? Well I felt the same way when I saw these!

By the way I'm joining Sir-Thrift-a-lot's party: FTW? Tuesday! If you see something weird/ tacky/inapropriate in a thrift shop snap it and join the tuesday party!

Here they are.....

I gasped when I saw this one high on a shelf and I just had to take it down (dust and all) and try to take a pic. That's why the picture is not that good...I just propped it on a display rack.
It looks like a Phentex medusa!

This one was probably knotted/crocheted or whatever by the same crazed crafter!

They are at least 24 inches across! Over what table would these fit? A banquet table?

I shudder at the thought of seeing these in action!

Be sure to vist Sir-Thrift-a-lot and all the other hawk eyed thrifters who spotted awful stuff!


Jill said...

That's pretty ugly!!!!

Sarah Lillian said...


De tout, de rien said...

No, no, I don't think they're lampshades, I think they were props for the nudie girls at that raunchy place you blogged about yesterday. Since they're out of a job, they have no use for these anymore. My first clue was all those tassels... And you touched those things, lol?

Alyssa Bee said...

They both look like fire hazards- yikes!

beckyp said...

those are hideous

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Honey, looking at these make me sneeze!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Oh, ew!!!

I'm just picturing these having EVERY SINGLE SMELL that they've ever come in contact with still living inside them somewhere.